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new jersey home movies,Film Transfers to USB Drives, Tapes,film to DVD,Convert film to CD

Testimonials About Classic Conversions

"Great experience, We had Classic Conversion transfer over some old family films to dvd. We had no idea what was on them but were pleasantly surprised to soon find out, as they did a great job organizing and transferring everything over for us. The color and quality looked better than expected, and they were even able to organize everything in chronological order. The transfers ended up coming to approximately 90 minutes and the rate was very reasonable for the amount of work that had to be done. We love our new family album, and going through this whole process turned out to be an all-around wonderful experience. I would highly recommend using Classic Conversions as Bob and his staff were very thorough and professional, and all of their work is outstanding!"

- Mary Ornstein, Manhattan

"Thanks for doing an absolutely PHENOMENAL JOB converting our old home movies into our very own family DVD album. It was so enjoyable to watch the life of our family unfold. You definitely should include boxes of Kleenex with all your packages ;-) I am actually going to show this to my family either tomorrow or Monday. I can't thank you enough for the great presentation, attention to detail, thoughtful and enjoyable music selection and sound effects. What an unbelievably stupendous job. I wish there was more footage -- and I can't WAIT to see the reactions of my family. Many many thanks for the outstanding service you provided, making it so easy for us all to re-live our great family memories over and over again."

- Stephanie Karp, Brooklyn, NY

"I went to Classic Conversions to have a bunch of old family films transferred to DVD, and it turned out that a lot of editing was involved. The owner Bob was great and very patient with me, and the entire project took 1-1/2 years because of my scheduling issues. He made all the various corrections I requested every time we previewed the next phase of the job, and at no time ever complained about what turned out to be a large number of changes and excellent results."

- Paula Lardiere, Rutherford, NJ

"Last night I saw the film reels that you transferred for my brother and me. It came out great and we were VERY impressed with the soundtrack you did. The music choices were perfect and the transition from one tune to the next flowed beautifully with the change of scenes. You did a excellent and professional job! Thanks so much for finishing it on time for our Dad's 70th birthday. He simply loved it!"

- Jill Rothstein, Freehold, NY

"Your DVD was the highlight for our whole family's holiday get-together. Thanks so much!"

- Ruth Conroy, Elmwood Park, NJ

"I just wanted to Thank you again for the video you created of our family films. I appreciate the fact that you finished the job on time, and believe it or not, I was able to get Fed Ex to deliver the master tape to my parents in Virginia in time for Mom's birthday! They received the video 10 a.m. on Saturday, watched it immediately and absolutely loved it! They said it was the best present we could have given them. Thanks so much for helping us make that happen. I really think we scored a Grand Slam with this special gift!"

- Diane Fama, Fairlawn, N.J.

"Thanks again for your splendid work putting together the video of my family. We viewed the tape as a family at Christmas (as you know, it was a complete surprise to everyone) and turned out to be a huge success. The video had some delightful special effects, not overdone, just enjoyable. And at the same time you were sensitive to my detailed instructions of what-went-where, and the overall look of the piece. I think it was the most warmly received gift I ever gave. I look forward to our next project."

- C. Walter, Kingsville, Md

"Thank you for the wonderful job you did, it was well received by the board and added a dimension to our presentation that I don't think we could've achieved any other way. Again a million thanks!"

- Dr. Regina Barna/Dir. Spec. Svcs., Rutherford Board of Ed.

"Bob did a terrific job of transferring old family movies from 1950s and 1960s to DVD and providing us with multiple copies. We ended up with a two-DVD set of very high quality that we gave to family members over the holidays. Bob was a pleasure to work with, very responsive to our requests and offered very helpful suggestions. We were especially pleased with the seamless editing between blocks of material, removal of distortion from what began as old 33mm film, and the accompanying background music - which was very appropriate to the content of the video and made viewing it much more pleasurable.  Classic’s pricing was quite reasonable, and we will be returning there to have other transfer work done in the future."

- Paul Stepansky, Upper Montclair, NJ

"Classic Conversions converted an existing digital video file to a high quality QuickTime file for my email. Bob understood all the instructions given....and did the job perfectly on the first try. Was quick and efficient in a extremely short period time of turnaround."

- Claire Deming, Manhattan"

"Thanks again for all your good work. It has been a pleasure working with you over the last few years. You have done excellent work on all occasions, and have proven to be most patient and helpful with all of our concerns and various requests. I can't begin to tell you how happy you've made me and the members of my family. Preserving movie memories from such obsolete technologies to today's current standard is an art as well as an indispensable service. For my money you are one, if not the best in this field.."

- David J. Mears, Washington D.C

"Bob transferred an old VHS onto a DVD for a father's day gift. I had a tight deadline and he worked quickly to get it done in time for the holiday. He also added some special touches that I hadn't thought of to make it more special. He provides a great service and I definitely recommend him."

- Rachel DʼAlessandro, Rochelle Park, NJ

"My sonʼs wrestling tapes were transferred to DVDs by Classic Conversions. We had seven tapes with three different kids on them, which made it a very involved process. Bob took the time to seperate each one to create an album for each, that had chapters and music in the end product. I noticed he had also made a number of improvements to a few sections once I reviewed the finished project. I was very happy with the results, and had a number of copies made for other members of our family."

- Cynthia Settembrino, Lyndhurst, NJ

"We had Classic Conversions transfer our slides, and then from there create a slide show set to music. Bob did an outstanding job on the transfer and slide show, the latter used as a presentation to show during a party celebrating my father's 95th birthday. Bob did an excellent job coordinating the slides to the accompanying music, including both with the timing and selection of music. The slides I gave him were well over 50 years old, and he made them look like new. In addition he also put the slides (and photos I later emailed him) onto a flashdrive that I could then use in a digital frame to give to my father so he’d be able to see these pictures at any time he'd like. Bob was a pleasure to deal with, and I was very appreciative of the speed with which he finished this job."

- Betsy Crocker, Madison, NJ

"CC made four CD's from tapes made in Dec 1992. There were at least 9 audio tapes that were choppy, disjointed and amateurish. The owner Bob organized the material, edited it, and even made cases for the cd's with appropriate graphics.   Second job: Edited ancient family tapes, organized the material, improved quality. I located a tape of my late husband singing with a friend,harmonizing, playing their guitars and I can even hear the fire crackling in the fireplace behind them.   Another tape had a group of dear relatives sitting around the table  while my father and mother, a couple of my aunts and uncles, my brother and my sister-in-law, and my husband shared our unique brand of family humor while the parents and uncles related stories from the past. Except for my brother and his wife all of those people are now deceased, and it was so special to hear those voices again and again... Everything about this experience has been positive."

- Sydney Sue Helfand, Saddle River, NJ
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